• Almonds Raw (150g, 300g, 500g) 80.00380.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    Imported Raw Almonds

  • Cashew Raw (150g, 300g, 500g) 60.00320.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    Imported Raw Cashews

  • 2 in stock

  • Chia Seeds (150g, 300g, 500g) 90.00240.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    150g, 300g, 500g of Non-GMO Chia Seeds

  • Flax Seeds (150g, 300g, 500g) 60.00150.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    150g, 300g, 500g of Non-GMO Flax Seeds

  • 3 in stock

  • Pecans (150g, 300g, 500g) 210.00820.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    Imported Raw Pecans
    Ready to eat or can be roasted in a conduction oven for 10mins at 200°C.

  • Pistachio Roasted (150g, 300g, 500g) 220.00730.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    Imported Roasted Pistachio – Ready to eat

  • Pumpkin Seeds (150g, 300g, 500g) 120.00360.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    150g, 300g, 500g of Shelled Pumpkin Seeds

  • Sunflower Seeds (150g, 300g, 500g) 50.00140.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    150g, 300g, 500g of Shelled Sunflower Seeds

  • Super Blush Milk 200g 389.00 Sold By:

    Slip into a taste of zen with great-tasting, SUPER BERRY drinks to achieve major beauty-inducing benefits & a calm state of mind & body. THE SUPERBLUSH MILK is a perfectly creamy latte that offers powerful antioxidants & adaptogens to improve gut health, promote glowing skin & create a sense of relaxation. Thanks to this sweet bedtime treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Sweet Dreams!

  • Super Glow Milk 200g 349.00 Sold By:

    Enjoy earth’s magical elixirs with our turmeric latte packed with goodness and a healthy twist. The super glow milk is formulated to leave you feeling calm, glowing, hydrated, and happy.

  • SuperBoost Milk 200g 389.00 Sold By:

    Jumpstart your day with a new coffee alternative, The super boost milk matcha chlorophyll Latte. Our powdered energy drink contains beauty trend ingredients: Organic Matcha & Chlorophyll. Each sip gives an effortless morning beauty boost, provides a calm sense of alertness, and promotes a sustained mood & energy throughout the day. Embrace your inner glow!

  • SUPERFOOD GROCER Golden Flax Seeds 454g 235.00 Sold By: Better Basket

    A great addition to your daily healthy Super Green Smoothies, flax seeds have the highest Omega 3 content on the planet. They are best taken whole and freshly ground (using a blender or coffee grinder) over pre-powdered flax seed meal, to obtain their health-promoting oils, nutrients and enzymes.

    4 in stock

  • SUPERFOOD GROCER Nutritional Yeast 100g 280.00 Sold By: Better Basket

    Nutritional yeast (not to be confused with baker’s yeast or brewer’s yeast) is a deactivated source of yeast grown on molasses. It has a subtle flavor that is typically used in recipes as a dairy-free cheesy flavor substitute.

    Nutritional yeast is one of the best plant-based sources of Vitamin B12, crucial for proper brain functioning. It is also high in protein, accounting for half of its weight in grams. One tablespoon (8g) of nutritional yeast provides 4g of protein and will meet the recommended dosage for adults of Vitamin B12.

    4 in stock

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