• Chia Seeds (150g, 300g, 500g) 90.00240.00 Sold By: Healthy Nomnoms

    150g, 300g, 500g of Non-GMO Chia Seeds

  • Mindoren-C Calamansi (500 ml) 155.00 Sold By: Global Organic

    Mindoren C is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help maintain healthy, youthful and hydrated skin.

    16 in stock

  • Super Chef Tuna (Tuna Steak in Brine) 125.00 Sold By: ERP Wellness

    Certified sustainable seafood.

  • All Natural Herb Links 250g 250.00 Sold By: Healthy Hogs

    Made with all-natural pork, made with fresh herbs, no nitrates and nitrites added, no MSG added, gluten-free.

  • Ginger 45 (Turmeric) 250g 182.00 Sold By: Global Organic

    Turmeric has been used for its medicinal, anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory properties. It is also one of the ingredients in making paella or valenciana. It also eases arthritis, boosts immune system and lowers cholesterol.

    22 in stock

  • Tofu Sisig 200g 255.00 Sold By: PlantLab

    Sisig veganized! It is cooked with chilies, soy sauce and finished off with vegan mayo. Just thaw and reheat on a pan or a sisig plate.

  • WTH Nuggets / Filipino-style - Ready-to-cook, Plant-based, Vegan 200g 250.00 Sold By: Worth The Health

    Crispy and succulent morsels of ‘chicken’ nuggets made with jackfruit. Perfect for a quick snack or as a hearty meal paired with your sauce of choice. Plant-based. Ready-to-cook. WTH products are plant-based meat alternatives sustainably made using local Filipino ingredients. Our mission is to create well-loved Filipino food that is healthy and kind to all – our farmers, the animals, the planet, and especially you. See for recipes. #CraveGoodFood

  • Cauliflower Poppers 55g (Roasted Garlic, Chili Pepper) 215.00 Sold By: Take Root

    Ready to eat. • 0% Trans Fat • 0% Cholesterol • No MSG • No Added Oil • No Sugar • No Preservatives • No Artificial Additives

  • Genesis Organic Spirulina Tablet 250mg 799.00 Sold By: Organic Spirulina

    98.2% spirulina powder and 1.8% food-grade silica. Take 5 to 10  tablets a day.


  • Basilio Tinatangi Beans (250g) 330.00 Sold By: Basilio

    60% Arabica, 30% Robusta, 10% Exelsa

    Perfect blend of flavors from 3 different varieties with a slight kick. Can be consumed black or with creamer and sugar.

    Basilio coffee beans have been carefully processed, and precision “Air Roasted” to bring out the desired and inherent coffee flavors and aroma. Basilio is fair trade coffee grown and produced by Filipino farmers all over the Philippines. We empower the coffee farmers to process and Air roast their own coffee. Farmers now can proudly drink and sell their own coffee in local communities. Basilio is the culmination of the Filipino passion and commitment for empowered coffee farmers, product quality, sustainable communities, shared wealth and love for the country. Basilio is Philippine coffee to share.

    2 in stock

  • Original Cashew Butter 200g 325.00 Sold By: All About Cashew

    All of our products are VEGAN. Suitable for diets such as ✓ Keto ✓ Paleo ✓ Gluten-Free ✓ Sugar-Free ✓ Dairy Free ✓ Low Carb ✓ Diabetic ✓ No Added Oil ✓ No Added Salt ✓ Vegan Health benefits of Cashews: 1. A Good Source Of Magnesium 2. Less Fat Laden Than Other Butter Types 3. Source Of Protein 4. Source Of Iron And Selenium 5. Important For Cardiac Health 6. Helps Thwart Diabetes 7. Reduces Risk Of Gallbladder Stones

  • Embutido Bangus 500g 210.00 Sold By: Catchy-Pan Dagupan Boneless Bangus

    Looking for a new kind of meat loaf? Our embutido is one healthy alternative, made from 100% bangus meat, spiced up with kid’s favorite hotdogs, and healthier with carrots. Add it up to your every meal. Vacuum sealed to prolong the embutido’s freshness.

  • 3 in stock

  • 2 in stock

  • Pesto Sauce 200ml 250.00 Sold By: PlantLab

    A blend of fresh basil leaves and nuts- this pesto is perfect for vegans looking for a pesto without the traditional cheese.


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